The #1 Secret to Making Wedding Planning Easy

The number one secret to making wedding planning easy (i.e. save time *and* money) is to use a wedding package so you have as few decisions as possible to make. Here, our lead wedding planner discusses how our affordable wedding packages help you save time and money while working with your wedding dream team.

On the most important day of your life, you want a professional wedding photographer in Melbourne or a wedding photographer in Sydney to beautifully document your celebration of commitment and love. At T-One Image we believe that such precious memories should last a lifetime, through tasteful and artful images that are a true reflection of your dream day together. A wonderful photograph captures all of the feelings and emotion of the moment so perfectly that it has the power to transport you back in time, even when you revisit them years down the track.

How much time does it take to plan a wedding?

Honestly, I’ve seen it take anywhere from 200-400 hours for couples to plan their wedding from start to finish. Most couples are engaged for about 10 to 18 months and wedding planning tends to fill a lot of their free time over that period.

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